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Statement of independence


Mental Health Matters Wales (MHMWales) receives funding from statutory bodies and charitable trusts to run projects, provide services, support forums and engagement activities, carry out research and contribute towards the general running costs. It also raises funds through fundraising and providing services. 


As a long-established charity, MHMWales will maintain its independence and will ensure that any decisions about the employment of staff and the work of the organisation complies with the aims, objectives and values of the organisation.  MHMWales will not be influenced in its decision making by funders’ interventions. Strategic direction and overall policy is agreed by our board of trustees, who are openly elected from the membership and have fixed terms of office.


MHMWales is registered charity (number 1123842) and a company limited by guarantee (number 6468412).  We are governed by trustees who are nominated and elected by our members. 


MHMWales believes it is important to share information, disseminate good practice and influence decision-making that affects our sector and therefore are members of a variety of steering groups throughout Wales


MHMWales was set up in 1984, and we have worked over the years to make a real difference to the people affected by mental health in their communities across Wales.

Charity Number: 1123842 Registered Company Number: 6468412

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