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IMCA Wales

Paid Relevant Person's Representative Service

MHM Wales Paid Representatives are qualified advocates who have specialist knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards legislation.  We can support people who lack capacity across South and South West Wales.

What is the role of a Paid Representative?

The Paid Representative's role is to:

·       Visit the person deprived of their liberty on a regular basis

·       Support the person to understand their DoLS authorisation and how it affects them

·       Assist the person to exercise their rights should they wish to do so.

·       Ensure any conditions attached to the authorisation are met and dealt with in a timely fashion 

·       Call for a review of the authorisation where necessary, challenge the authorisation through local means where possible or ultimately support the individual to have access to the Court of Protection.

·       Our Paid Representatives are independent from the care home or hospital as well as the Local Authority and Supervisory Body / DoLS team.

The supervisory body must appoint an RPR for every person to whom they give a standard authorisation for deprivation of liberty.

It is important that the representative is appointed at the time the authorisation is given or as soon as possible and practical thereafter. 

Should the IMCA identify any issues which are outside of our remit we will signpost to other relevant services to ensure our client’s needs and wishes are met.


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