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Department of Health Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Draft addendum to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 Code of Practice

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Decision makers checklist

Before making a referral for an IMCA, the following questions will be useful


  • Does the person have a condition which is affecting their ability to make decisions?


  • Is the person facing a decision about serious medical treatment or a change of accommodation?


  • or are there


  • decisions relating to Adult Protection Proceedings


  • a care/accommodation review where it is felt that the person would benefit from IMCA?


  • Is the person 16 years or older?


  • Does the person lack capacity to make the particular decision?


  • Is there nobody (other than paid workers) whom the decision-maker considers are willing and able to be consulted about the decision?


  • Is there family or friends available who it is felt are not appropriate to consult with? (Please refer to sections 10.74-79 of the MCA Code of Practice)



If you would like to discuss whether a person is eligible for the IMCA service please contact on:

01656 649557 or 01656 651450

e-mail: imca@imcawales.org or imca@mhmwales.org


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